Release of Kube 0.1.0

It’s finally done! Kube 0.1.0 is out the door.

First off, this is a tech preview really and not meant for production use.

However, this marks a very important step for us, as it lifts us out of a rather long stretch of doing the ground work to get regular development up and running. With that out of the way we can now move in a steadier fashion, milestone by milestone.

That said, it’s also the perfect time to get involved!
We’re planning our milestones on phabricator, at least the ones within reach, so that’s the place to follow development along and where you can contribute, be it with ideas, feedback, packaging, builds on new platforms or, last but not least, code.

So what is there yet?

You can setup an IMAP account, you can read your mail (even encrypted), you can move messages around or delete them, and you can even write some mails.


BUT there are of course a lot of missing bits:

  • GMail support is not great (it needs some extra treatment because GMail IMAP doesn’t really behave like IMAP), so you’ll see some duplicated messages.
  • We don’t offer an upgrade path between versions yet. You’ll have to nuke your local cache from time to time and resync.
  • User feedback in the UI is limited.
  • A lot of commonly expected functions are not existing yet.
  • ….

As you see… tech preview =)

What’s next?

We’ll focus on getting a solid mail client together first, so that’s what the next few milestones are all about.

The next milestone will focus on getting an addressbook ready, and after that we’ll focus on search for a bit.

I hope we can scope the milestones approximately ~1 month, but we’ll have to see how well that works. In any case releases will be done only once the milestone is reached, and if that takes a little longer, so be it.


This also marks the point where it starts to make sense to package Kube.
I’ve built some packages on copr already which might help packagers as a start. I’ll also maintain a .spec file in the dist/ subdirectory for the kube and sink repositories (that you are welcome to use).

Please note that the codebase is not yet prepared for translations, so please wait with any translation efforts (of course patches to get translation going are very welcome).

In order to release Kube a couple of other dependencies are released with it (see also their separate release announcements):

  • sink-0.1.0: Being the heart of Kube, it will also see regular releases in the near future.
  • kimap2-0.1.0: The brushed up imap library that we use in sink.
  • kasync-0.1.0: Heavily used in sink for writing asynchronous code.



Author: cmollekopf

Christian Mollekopf is an open source software enthusiast with a special interest in personal organization tools. He started to contribute actively to KDE in 2008 and currently works for Kolab Systems leading the development for the next generation desktop client.

21 thoughts on “Release of Kube 0.1.0”

    1. I’m quite familiar with the OBS as we’re using that with Kolab Systems regularly. While it’s certainly useful for certain applications it’s not without it’s problems as well, and building for many distributions requires a very dedicated effort for every distribution.

      The copr build was just an easy way for me to ensure that everything, in principle, is reasonably packagable. In the end I hope for distributions to pick up the packaging and they all have their own systems anyways, so this was just easier for me that way.

  1. What’s your plan in regard to conversion threading? While the UI looks slick and more modern, it seems to be just as unusable as those other mail viewers to navigate through deep conversation hierarchies.

    1. For the time being it will be a simple conversation view that shows mails in chronological order.
      There were some ideas floating around to supplement that with a git like tree visualization of the thread to ease navigation and orientation in large threads, but it’s unlikely that I will invest significant time into that anytime soon. But I guess that depends a bit on how bad it really feels using it… Anyways, there are no plans to have a full tree visualization like kmail has in the list view.

  2. Loving the look of the UI more than most mail apps already! Now I’m eagerly looking forward to some kind of Flatpak / Snap / Deb (in that order of preference)

    Are there any icons or other graphics that you could use?

    1. Thanks!

      We do have a flatpak definition in the flatpak-kde-applications git repository, and eventually we will hopefully get regular builds from that, but that is still work in progress. deb packages and snaps will have to wait until someone picks it up.

      I can’t tell you specifics right now, but there are always graphical things to be done, so if you’d like to help out I suggest you join one of our weekly meetings so we can discuss together with the rest of the team. Just drop me a mail if you’re interested (

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