Last week in Kube

Kube by now is my daily driver, and we’ve managed to iron out a lot of the remaining kinks since the last update.

  • Rémi is now on board Blogpost
  • Xapian based search is alive and kicking Blogpost.
  • Search in conversationview via syntaxhighlighting.
  • Support for operations on aggregated values (such as threads). This allows us to i.e. mark an entire thread as read.
  • Fixed rendering of encrypted+signed messages.
  • Forwarding of encrypted mails (so they are properly re-encrypted to the recipient) (Rémi)
  • A revamp of the Addressbook (Michael)
  • Support for GPG key import and export (attaching the key to the mail) (Rémi)
  • We now highlight folders that contain new mails.
  • We’ve got a experimental but working build on mac (gpg not withstanding) Blogpost
  • Michael and Rémi are spearheading calendaring in Kube! (we’ve already merged first versions of calendar view and CalDAV backend)

Kube Commits, Sink Commits

Previous updates

More information on the Kolab Now blog!

“Kube is a modern communication and collaboration client built with QtQuick on top of a high performance, low resource usage core. It provides online and offline access to all your mail, contacts, calendars, notes, todo’s and more. With a strong focus on usability, the team works with designers and UX experts from the ground up, to build a product that is not only visually appealing but also a joy to use.”

For more info, head over to:


Author: cmollekopf

Christian Mollekopf is an open source software enthusiast with a special interest in personal organization tools. He started to contribute actively to KDE in 2008 and currently works for Kolab Systems leading the development for the next generation desktop client.

8 thoughts on “Last week in Kube”

  1. For the calendar, I’d love if it has a “X weeks” view. Basically, instead of always showing the whole current month, it would show the current week plus how ever many future weeks that fit the window. This is really nice at the end of the month, since I usually don’t case about 4 weeks ago just because it’s the last week of the month.

    Google Calendar has this as an option, and it is the only month/week-type view on FastMail. With FastMail, it shows an infinitely scrolling list of weeks. I haven’t used it much, but I believe the latest version of the Mac calendar behaves more or less like FastMail (but also has a week view?). Other desktop calendars seem stuck on the complete month view only :-/

    1. I think for a month view that would make a lot of sense indeed. We’ll start off with the week view (aka. detailed view in fastmail) which is the more complex case and allows you to see what is going on within a day.

      Thanks for your input =)

  2. It’d be great if you include a screenshot of the app each week. Maybe highlighting the changes that are apparent in the UI.

  3. After the Kontact decade it seems that you are making an app that looks reasonably modern and contemporary, although the development is very slow. Is, or will be, possible to create “bounties”? You know, some few people join together and put some money for some developer who develops the features those people want.
    Another: Kube looks still a bit spartan, it’s comprehensible due to its early status, but nice and modern, as I sad before. It somehow reminds me of Mailspring, although Mailspring is obviously much more “finished”. In case you haven’t heard about it, I’d like to recommend you to have a look on it. I think it might be rather inspiring since really looks and behaves like a modern email client:

    Here’s the code:

    Kmail has been the only serious alternative besides Thundebird in the Linux world, but it has aged very very badly (and never implemented basic features that other clients had some lustrums ago, even on mobile phones, like unified inbox. Also it never worked exactly “buglessly”. I don’t know if this is the fault of Kmail, Akonadi or both, though).

    So, many thanks for your efforts to write a contemporary, light and fast email client with a clean, screen space efficient, and uncluttered interface. But please, do more promotion, I knew about Kube 2 or 3 years ago, dont remember, and hadn’t heard back till today. Oh, and please, add some donation (and bounties if possible) system. I’m sure that many of us would love to contribute with some money since we can’t help coding or writing documentation as our lives don’t have anything to do with computer science and our knowledge is rather limited.


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