Kube: Finding our Focus

Over the past two years we’ve been laying the ground work towards the first goal of a simple and beautiful mail client.
By now we have the first few releases out, and the closer we get to our goal, the less clear becomes what the next goal on our roadmap is.

So here’s something that we’ll be focusing on:kolabnow_logoAn obvious reason why we picked Kolab Now is because it is what sustains the larger part of the Kube team, allowing us to work on this project in the first place. However, it’s also a prime example of a completely Open Source and standards compliant service. Improving the Kolab experience means improving IMAP support, improving the CardDAV implementation, perhaps even adding CalDAV. It also means implementing proper GPG support, and pushing the user experience edge by edge to where we expect it to be. Things that all standards compliant services will benefit from. The Kolab Now service ensures we can focus on the relevant problems by taking variables out of the equation by being essentially the reference installation of Kolab.

Now, this means that we’ll be putting a little more focus on the single account experience, it does not mean we’ll be dropping support for multi-account setups though. The develop branch (which will lead to the next release) will continue to support multiple accounts and account types. What we will do though is acknowledge that very little testing is happening with other services than Kolab, and that we will probably not prioritize any features that are exclusive for other services (such as GMail’s non standard IMAP behavior) in the near future. It’s about focus, not exclusion.

There are many other goals ahead of course, that’s not the problem. Various platforms to be conquered, CalDAV access to our calendaring data, perfecting the mail experience, a beautiful calendar view, working out the grand scheme of how we tie all these bits together and produce something unique… Lot’s of exciting stuff that we’re looking forward to be working on!

However, it’s also easy to get lost in all those possibilities. It’d be easy to hack together some half-baked implementations for a variety of those ideas, and then revise those implementations or just pick the next bit. But that doesn’t lead to what we want. We want a product that is actually used and just works, and that requires focus. Especially since we’re a small team, it’s more important than ever that we maintain, if not increase, our focus. Kolab Now gives us something to focus on.

Kube for Kolab Now

With that said, I’d like to announce the Kolab Now edition of Kube, that we’ve made available as an early access release.

Kolab Now Configuration
Kube’s simplified account setup for Kolab Now.

This is a completely separate release-stream that supports Kolab Now exclusively, and does not replace general purpose Kube releases. But it isĀ not a separate codebase (For simplicity there exists a kolabnow release branch with a two-line patch, but that’s all there ever will be).

We’ll regularly update this release to share our latest developments with you.

If you already are, or would like to become a Kolab Now user, then you’re welcome to join us on our journey to bringing you the best possible Kube experience to your desktop. You’re not only going to profit from a great service, but you’ll also help sustain the development of Kube.

For future updates, keep an eye on blogs.kolabnow.com