Last week in Kube

We’re now running a Kube program with Kolab Now where you can get a basic Kolab Now account now, and see it’s features grow together with Kube, while the price remains the same. To take advantage of that offer, install the Kolab Now flatpak and signup through Kube.

  • Fixed a problem where emails with a header larger than 8kb would not be parsed correctly.
  • Added a Kolab Now signup capability to the Kolab Now settings.
  • Added merging of log entries of the same type so you don’t end up with multiple errors.
  • Added a dedicated error view for some classes of errors: Blogpost
  • Added support for PGP encryption: Blogpost
  • Fixed opening of attachments in the flatpak(s) (/tmp needed to be shared with the host system).
  • Added a dockercontainer to the kube repository that is used for CI and can be used for development.
  • Added ASAN and LSAN checkers (LLVM based memory/leak checkers) to sink and fixed various related issues.
  • Created a stresstest for sink which allows to continously run synchronizations and queries. This is used to trigger hard to find crashes.

Kube Commits, Sink Commits

Previous updates

More information on the Kolab Now blog!

“Kube is a modern communication and collaboration client built with QtQuick on top of a high performance, low resource usage core. It provides online and offline access to all your mail, contacts, calendars, notes, todo’s and more. With a strong focus on usability, the team works with designers and UX experts from the ground up, to build a product that is not only visually appealing but also a joy to use.”

For more info, head over to:


Author: cmollekopf

Christian Mollekopf is an open source software enthusiast with a special interest in personal organization tools. He started to contribute actively to KDE in 2008 and currently works for Kolab Systems leading the development for the next generation desktop client.

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